Today: 25.Nov.2020
Moving to the next level

Healthcare and missions are changing rapidly all over the world.  To keep up with the changes can be difficult but critically important.  In Ecuador, changes within the healthcare system pose the largest challenges to maintaining a hospital with the core of it's mission to point patients to their Creator and Savior.  For 60 years, the HCJB hospital has served a large area of eastern Ecuador with multitudes of missionary doctors who served for many years.  This hospital played a special role in serving the area due to the level of medical care, the availability of care and the caring nature of the doctors and staff towards each patient.  

In the last 2 years, changes within the mission have ended up in HCJB deciding that the mission of healthcare service in Ecuador was a chapter to close.  However, despite the availability of government facilities, the need for a Christian presence in healthcare became quickly evident.  The dedicated staff of the hospital have been praying for a place to serve their people with Christ's love even if it does mean earning less.  

Behind the efforts of Dr. Eckehart Wolff, a movement to reopen a healthcare facility dedicated to serving patients with the love of Jesus Christ has been initiated.  Dr. Wolff and a small team of physicians are reforming and planning a reopening of a facility of some type in the Shell area.  Lightway Medical is dedicated to helping fund Christian healthcare efforts in mission fields like eastern Ecuador.